Shandon - Punk.billy.ska.core (raccolta)

Titolo:  Punk.billy.ska.core (raccolta)
Anno: 2001
Etichetta: Ammonia Records
Formato: CD
Tracklist: CD1 01.Videogame 02.Violenza 03.Uniform 04.Shandon 05.What i want? 06.Amore e disgusto 07.It's allright 08.Taxi driver 09.Skate 10.Hamburger 11.Light 12.Questo si chiama ska 13.Rasta tribes 14.Digging 15.L'informazione 16.Valkin'around 17.Skaranoid 18.My sun 19.S.O.S. 20.Deception 21.Anni e parole 22.Misfits 23.Gotta work 24.Sweet dirty girl
CD2 01.Hey you 02.Lifetime event 03.Dance for me 04.Questosichiamaska 05.Slave of time 06.Uniform 07.My sun 08.It's alright 09.Ciò che ho dentro 10.Perchè 11.Hamburger 12.Scream in silence 13.The unlucky 14.Noi oi 15.Punk billy ska core 16.This is the life 17.Go to Liverpool 18.Soldier on citizen 19.Light 20.Go away 21.Another wabe 22.Only the best 23.Walking around 24.What i want? 25.Behind e son 26.Noi oi 27.Rasta  tribes 28.Condom song 29.This is your life 30.Hey you 31.Rasta tribes 32.Ok 33.Lifetime event 34.My ammonia
Voto: 4/5

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