Manges - Everything released on 7" (93-13) (raccolta)

Titolo: Everything released on 7" (93-13) (raccolta)
Anno: 2013
Etichetta: Premium Otis Recordings
Formato: 3 LP
Tracklist: LP1 01.Bop bop bop 02.Another song for Lucy 03.Be alone 04.Do my stuff 05.Spoilt boy commie 06.Broken shoe 07.S.O.S. i'm in love 08.I wanna be a Cunningham 09.Only you are the girl that hits the gas 10.Franke and Johnny 11.She's a punk 12.Coke vending machine 13.Mary 14.My only friend is Dee Dee Ramone 15.Break up your radio 16.Summer's gone 17.Ruin myself with road to ruin 18.Teenangel  19.I hate you, David 20.Melissa is a rockabilly rebel LP2 01.Time bomb 02.The only cool girl in ladbroke grove 03.We are the Manges and you suck! 04.Fanatico di rock'n' roll 05.Behind the 8-ball 06.Muster beat 07.Drunkin' donna 08.I will always do 09.Mandy 10.Breakdown 11.Summertime 12.Barrage of hate 13.Havana affair 14.Joey's song 15.Elvis has left the building 16.Goonies'r' good enough LP3 01.Vengeance is mine 02.Now i wanna be a good boy 03.Wake up screaming 04.Raining 05.Dune buggy 06.Flying trough the air 07.Bulldozer 08.In the middle of all thet trouble again 09.Duck and cover 10.Bad brain 11.You don't wanna be like me 12.Hit the punchball 13.These tears may belong to your eyes 14.Uncle wait 15.Bad juju 16.Sri lanka 17.It's all over you know 18.Go mental
Voto: 4,5/5
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