Senzabenza - Gigius

Titolo: Gigius
Anno: 1993
Etichetta: Mac Guffin Records
Formato: CD
Tracklist: 01.If you go away 02.Gigius 03.Raimbow 04.A great big world 05.Holiday with the band 06.They don't want me to sleep 07.I see you so high 08.I like 08.The daughter of Wanna Marchi 09.Back in the URRS 10.Zuma's Tree 11.Syd Barret's appreciation society 12.Hey girl 13.I don't wanna be left behind 14.You're a riot grrrl 15.Lullaby 16.Bambee 17.She and the alien
Voto: 4,5/5

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