Chromosomes - Surfin on a planet terror

Titolo: Surfin on a planet terror (raccolta)
Anno: 2009
Etichetta: Waterslide Records
Formato: CD
Tracklist: 01.Turn around 02.Around with you 03.Star by star 04.Lolly pop 05.Well 06.Personality 07.I'm so stupid 08.Anyway (i love this sound!) 09.Stacy 10.Loris has got a brandnew surfboard 11.Semi-sfera 12.Dr Booze 13.Surfer baby 14.All alone on the beach tonight 15.Telephone 16.60's movie's little surfin woodie 17.Too lazy 18.Wonder boy 19.Pipeline 03
Voto: 4/5

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