Compilation - Make up to break up - Italia Punk '99

Titolo: Make up to break up - Italia Punk '99
Anno: 1999
Etichetta: Be What You Are! Records, Car Crash Records
Formato: CD
Tracklist: 01.Rancidos - Be what you are! 02.Rancidos - Go! (for love of R'n' R) 03.Danny's Wednesday - With you 04.Danny's Wednesday - Danny's wednesday 05.Smodati - Baby i love you 06.Smodati - Mod girls'r'the best 07.Usurpatore Max - Fuck you (i'm a punk) 08.Usurpatore Max - 26 dollars 09.Plastik - Whip my hips 10.Plastik - Mladic 11.Gambe di Burro - Ragazzo Bionico 12.Gambe di Burro - Fuochi pirotecnici 13.Berenice Beach - Last believer 14.Berenice Beach - Two young rebels 15.Super Jack - Ho consumato 16.Super Jack - Bugie 17.Triggers - Bloody rules 18.Triggers - Trigger of my brain 19.Retarded - Let's go (let's go let's go 20.Retarded - Fun fun 21.Merrygoround - Leaving the mud 22.Merrygoround Your happiness 23.Jokers - Die polizei 24.Jokers - I'm my world
Voto: 3/5