Compilation - Blow out with history!!

Titolo: Blow out with history!!
Anno: 1998
Etichetta: Booze Records
Formato: vinile 12"
Tracklist: 01.Semprefreski - We'd have a riot doing heroin 02.Kim's teddy bears - Termial rut 03.The Cretins - Fagtown 04.Kerosene - I want cum 05.The Cocks - Kicked out of the webelos 06.Discarica Abusiva - Tuly is a wimp 07.Dogs In Space - At the mall 08.The Shrimps - I spent the rent 09.Killer Clown - I don't wanna work 10.The Manges - I'm useless 11.Home Alone - This place suck's 12.Egg Ebb - Wimpy drives through harlem 13.Dead Boyz Can't Fly - I like young girls 14.Fottutissimi Blue Jeans - Nuny in New York 15.Furia - Nobody like me 16.Chinese Rockers - Nothing to do 17.Peawees - Nowhere at all 18.Gli Ignoranti - Mac Arthurs park 19.Palyboys - Flash for tulus 20.Stinking Polecats - Fuck you 21.Monelli - Didn't want none 22.The Nerds - Meat wagon 23.Nickyteen - Don't puke 24.Melt - Bonehead 25.Maleducati - Gay boy 26.Bombardini - Too many twinkies 27.Derozer - Half shit faces (che schifo) 28.Pectasi - I live this life
Voto: 3/5