Killjoint - Made to love you

Titolo: Made to love you
Anno: 1995
Etichetta: Mac Guffin Records
Formato: CD
Tracklist: 01.Welcome 02.You and me 03.So sorry 04.Back to me 05.Everyday and everynight 06.Sticker 07.Walkin' on my own 08.I love you so 09.Beach Bud 10.Steal my heart 11.Traak 12.Children 13.More than everything 14.Summer comes 15.Stupid 16.Arabian song 17.Susy 18.No one 19.Another girl 20.Made to love you 21.Having fun 22.My day will come 23.Help/all my loving 24.Killjoint
Voto: 3,5/5

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