Stinking Polecats - Stinking Polecats (demo tape)

Titolo: Stinking Polecats (demo tape)
Anno: 1996
Etichetta: autoprodotto
Formato: tape
Tracklist: 01.Polecats '96 02.Welcome to the hell 03.I'm a stink 04.Sing a song in peace 05.Stay with me 06.The polecat can live alone 07.(Melanie) don't wanna be with me 08.You're not cool 09.Total mosh 10.Susie is a headbanger 11.Kamala's too nice 12.Hi mom, it's me 13.Look at me 14.Nocholas 15.I think adout you 16.Johnny is a metal head 17.I wanna leave home
Voto: 3/5

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