Latte+ - No more than three chords (U.S.A green version)

Titolo: No mothe than three chords (USA green version)
Anno: 2014
Etichetta: Infested Records
Formato: CD
Tracklist: 01.Here comes summer again 02.She's gone today 03.I wanna be like Steve McQueen 04.Something about you 05.Armanda 06.Anyway i wanna be with you 07.It's been a long time 08Rise up 09.We are disturbed 10.So long motherfucker 11.Teenage schizoid 12.It's ok for us 13.Gigi the fascist 14.I lost you in the basement 15.Striped girl 16.No more than three chords
Voto: 3/5

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