Shandon - The best of the rest (raccolta)

Titolo: The best of the rest (raccolta)
Anno: 2012
Etichetta: Valery Records
Formato: 2 CD
Tracklist: CD1 01.Like i want 02.Viola 03.Time 04.Deep 05.Washin' Machine 06.Legacy 07.My friends 08.Noie 09.Janet 10.Egostasi 11.Oceans 12.P.N.X. 13.Vampire girl 14.Diamanda 15.Lamar y lavonia 16.Tears for you 17.Taxi driver 18.Questosichiamaska 19.My sun 20.Shandon
CD2 01.November 02.The scene 03.A cure (viola english version) 04.Revenge (piano version) 05.Heaven in hell (acoustic version) 06.Revenge 07.KRW 08.The mild bunch 09.Grow up 10.Seven 11.La lunga strada 12.Inner sail 13.The one who went away 14.Joke 15.A knightly forest (live) 16.Blu (live) 17.Diamanda (live) 18.Ash (italian version) 19.Move your body

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