Compilation - No time to panic

Titolo: No time to panic
Anno: 1996
Etichetta: Panic Records
Formato: vinile 12"+7", CD
Tracklist: 01.This Side Up - Struggle 02.Squirtgun - I wanna be rejected 03.Point of view 04.Gigantor - Gin-gan-tonic 05.Deh Pills - Deborah hates punk rocker 06.Bambix - Bitchcraft 07.Guastafeste - None replies 08.White Frogs - Shamed world 09.Eversor - Cry in vain 10: Nofx - Open your eyes 11.Chromosomes - Loris has got a brand new surfboard 12.Skin Of Tears - Be with you 13.Gas - Same and different 14.Lucky seven 15.Crummy Stuff - Senza risposte 16.Senzabenza - A punk rock house painter 17.Overflow - Turn my back 18.Overlord - Stay with me 19.Rhythm Collision - Too long 20.Derozer - 2100
Voto: 4/5