Latte+ - Latte+ for dummies (raccolta)

Titolo: Latte+ for dummies (raccolta)
Anno: 2020
Etichetta: ProRawk Records, Dr. Skap Records
Formato: CD, tape
Tracklist: 01.Here Comes Summer Again 02.I Don't Wanna Be With You Tonight 03.No More Than Three Chords 04.It's Ok For Us 05.Anyway I Wanna Be With You 06.So Long MotherFucker 07.I Wanna Be Like Steve Mcqueen 08.Everybody Listens To The Ramones Even My Mom 09.Stitches 10.Screw You 11.Another Sleepless Night 12.Darkness Inside Your Heart 13.Missiles 14.I Can't Figure Out What To Do 15.Liquid Glue 16.I'm Gonna Kick You In The Ass 17.Next to ruin 18.Cookie 19.I miss you 20.Waiting for you 21.Phocomelic Boy 22.Sleepyhead 23.Lost in Berlin 24.Your time is over 25.Attitude
Voto: 3/5

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