Senzabenza - Live at punk raduno (live)

Titolo: Live at punk raduno (live)
Anno: 2021
Etichetta: Striped Music
Formato: vinile 12"
Tracklist: 01.Zuma's Tree 02.You Are A Riot Girl 03. Gigius 04.See The Light 05.The Daughter Of Wanna Marchi 06.Never Really Hurts 07.Pop From Hell 08.Back In The USSR 09.Intro Rocky Horror 10.Stop Crying 11.The Curse Of The Ramones 12.A Different Model Of Underwear 13.These Tears May Belong To Your Eyes 14.Syd Barrett Appreciation Society 15.London Town 16.The Boyz Nex' Door 17.Holiday With The Band 18.A Great Big World 19.Minor Threat 20.Ti Saluto

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