Manges - Rocket to Hollywood (live)

Titolo:  Rocket to Hollywood (live)
Anno: 2007
Etichetta: It's Alive Records, Cheapskate Records, Peabrain Records, Squinty Joe Records
Formato: vinile 12"
Tracklist: 01.Secret agent in East Berlin 02.Barrage of hate 03.Havana affair 04.Vengeance is mine 05.Oh Mary 06.She's a punk 07.My direction 08.I don't wanna live in hell 09.I'm a monkey 10.My rifle 11.The only cool girl in ladbroke grove 12.Gimme gimme shock treatment 13.Another day 14.Wonder wheel 15.Blame game 16.Ten shots
Voto: 3,5/5

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