Manges - Rocket to You! (93-03)

Titolo: Rocket to you! 93-03 (raccolta)
Anno: 2004
Etichetta: Ammonia Records
Formato: CD
Tracklist: 01.Frontline 02.Havana affair 03.She's a punk 04.Oh Mary 05.Break up your radio 06.Summer's gone 07.Melissa is a rockabilly rebel 08.The only cool girl in ladbroke grove 09.Drunkin'donna 10.I will always do 11.Summertime 12.Mandy 13.Zombie 14.My direction 15.Break down 16.Do the loser 17.She's right 18.Love to waste love 19.Anti-heroes 20.In my head 21.Apeman hop 22.I wanna (joey song) 23.I'm a monkey 24.Blame game 25.80's soldier 26.Rumble in chinatown 27.Yeah (late nite song) 28.I don't wanna see you cry 29.Long way back 30.Morphine
Voto: 4/5

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