Manges - Rocket to You! (93-99)

Titolo: Rocket to you 93-99 (raccolta)
Anno: 1999
Etichetta: Striped Music
Formato: CD
Tracklist: 01.Mandy 02.Zombie 03.My direction 04.Do my stuff 05.Only you are the girl who hits the gas 06.She's a punk 07.Oh Mary 08.Break up your radio 09.Summer's gone 10Ruin myself with road to ruin 11.Teenangel 12.Melissa is a rockabilly rebel 13.Hate you David 14.Time bomb 15.The only cool girl in Ladbroke grove (fast) 16.Manges are back 17.Richie's party 18.Me or you 19.Munster beat 20.Drunkin'donna 21.Rocket to you!
Voto: 4/5

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