The McRackins / Manges - Amp Records Battle Royale!

Titolo: Amp Records Battle Royale!
Anno: 2000
Etichetta: Amp Records
Formato: CD
Tracklist: McRackins 01.Endless summer 02.Joey's got a yo-yo 03.Where did you go? 04.I want you aroung 05.Roid rage 06.I hate my job 07.Slapshot 08.Surfin'USA 09.Crank it up 10.Dr giggles
Manges 11.She's right 12.Over and over 13.Punk rock veterans 14.Love to waste love 15.Issue#9 16.Do the loser 17.Anti-heroes 18.In my head 19.Don't tell anyone
Voto: 3/5

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